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Eggum is located on the north side of the island Vestvågøy in Lofoten. This old fishing village is a close-knit community and the buildings are clustered closely together. It is located near the beach beneath a steep rock face. The surrounding area is characterised as an alpine landscape with mountains. Treeless grass moors/heath fields originate behind the beach and continue to the base of the mountains.

The area surrounding the fishing village is protected by the Nature Conservation Act. A three kilometre long pebble beach is found a few kilometres west of Eggum. Many of these pebbles originated from earlier glaciers that were located on the mountain slopes above. Each summer many tourists visit this protected area. During the summer months this is the best place on the island to experience the midnight sun.

A marked walking path, located between Eggum and Unstad, leads over the foreshore and grassy mountainside. For many generations the road that leads through Kleiva has connected these two fishing villages. Throughout the 19th and 20th century this road was well travelled by fishermen from Unstad who were based at the harbour in Eggum during the winter fishing season.

Eggum kulturlandskap