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The Eggum cultural landscape lies near the beach beneath a steep rock face. This site is bordered by the sea on one side and by mountains on the other. Treeless grass moors/heath fields originate behind the beach and continue to the base of the mountains.

A fortification is found on a hill, called Kvalhaugen, which lies on a long moraine. Kvalhaugen is situated roughly 50 metres above the high water mark, originating from Røa at Eggum and continuing out to Kleiva near Unstad. Kvalhaugen has historically served as a lookout for fishermen and hunters. For many generations residents have gone to Kvalhaugen to watch whale pods during their annual migration. This hill was also a good lookout for the rich shallow waters where schools of coalfish congregate.

A sculpture by the Swiss artist Marcus Raetz is found at this cultural landscape. Soon after his first trip to the island Vestvågøy in 1991, Raetz decided to design an artwork for the magnificent landscape on the north side of the island. When he returned to Vestvågøy in 1992, "with the head sculpture under his arm", Eggum was selected as the location for the sculpture. This sculpture has become a significant landmark. The sculpture is made of iron and granite, and measures 178 cm in height. It is situated roughly 2 km west of the village of Eggum.

Eggum kulturlandskap