This modern church in Borg, in the Municipality of Vestvågøy, towers above the Viking Museum, Lofotr. The church was designed by local architect Knut Gjernes. Humorously, locals refer to the church as "the ski jump". With its ambitious character, the building relates to the surrounding mountain peaks.

Part of the church, the main walls and steeple (the north/east side) is constructed of in-situ concrete, while the lower-rising (south/west) walls are made of timber frames, and have large windows. Inside the church, the ceiling construction is particularly eye-catching. It has two massive laminated wood girders that are visibly exposed. The slate covered floor has installed heating cables, which are sufficient for heating the church. On the exterior, the church is painted with white and red details.

The church neighbours the old vicarage and the Viking Museum, Lofotr, which is open to roadway travellers during the summer months.


Borge kirke