Borg is located on a rise. Before the grounds of the chief's farm were found and excavated towards the end of the 1980s, the church was the dominating height. Today the church (8) is situated next to the old vicarage (3 and 5) adjacent to the southern slope. The buildings from the vicarage are currently used by the museum administration and for exhibitions. Closest to the classified road there is a car park (9) and arrival building (1) with a café, shop and toilets. The chief's farm (2) was re-erected next to its original location. There are trails that run from the yard of the vicarage to the sea and the boathouse (6) where the reconstruction of the Viking ship lies. A yard (7) also lies nearby. It represents the grounds from a bivouac complex which was most likely used during the period 200-800 A.D.

This layout plan was taken from Byggekunst 7/1996.