Rotsund Church is situated on a large pine-wooded plain in Rotsunddalen. The red-painted church only becomes visible close up through the slim pine trunks. It can also be seen from the road on the eastern side, along a broad, chopped-down track.

Rotsund Church is a simple, blocked shape of a building, with a sacristy on either side of the choir that is not visible from the outside. The tower is surrounded by the western part of the nave and crowned by a simple, low, pyramid-shaped steeple. The simple shape of the main building, the steeple and the crowned shaping of the doors and windows are reminiscent of an empire style, whereas it is to a great extent a neo-baroque style that is unleashed in the interior. It is the national romantic style, common during the period from the First World War and through the 1920s, that is expressed here, but in architect Harald Sund’s own personal manner.


Rotsund kirke