The Centre for Northern Peoples, Davvi álbmogiid guovddáš, is situated by the river Manndalselva in the valley Manndalen not far from where the road RV332 crosses the river. It is part of a cluster of larger buildings including the Sami day nursery Riebangardi and Manndalen Primary and Secondary School and next to them are also the fields used during the annual music and cultural Riddu Riđ[en] đ[en] u Festivála. The scale of these buildings contrasts with the smaller houses and barns in the otherwise predominantly agricultural landscape of the valley.

The Centre for Northern Peoples consists of the original village hall which is rectangular with a pitch roof and built in 1983, a small extension to this from 1996 and an additional large and dominating volume completed in 2011 which brings together the different parts to form one complex and give it a visual identity.

The central long arched canopy is a welcoming focal point that leads visitors to the building’s main entrance.


Senter for nordlige folk