As much of the interior of the church, the altarpiece is also from an earlier church. It may date to the beginning of the 16th century and was likely made in Utrecht. It belongs to the so-called Leka-group - in all there are five triptychs from the late Middle Ages which are found in the churches in Røst, Grip, Leka, Ørsta and Hadsel.

Standing in the middle is the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child in her arms. To the left stands Stephen, the first Christian martyr. His identity is recognisable due to fact that he is holding a book which originally had stones or bread lying on top. It is possible that it once stood in a church dedicated to Saint Stephen in Hadsel and the altarpiece was therefore specially commissioned for this church. To the right of Mary stands Saint Catherine, also a Christian martyr. She was whipped and condemned to death by the breaking wheel, but it broke when she touched it, so she was beheaded. Her attributes are the wheel and a broken sword which she is depicted with here.


Hadsel kirke