The choir is dominated by the pulpit altar. This is a feature from the Baroque style and assembles the sanctuary room around a strong apse. The pulpit altar is characterised by older church art which is here put together and used in a new way - a reuse of older church art. The pulpit is adorned with wooden figures. In the middle is Olav the Holy who is standing on an underlying piece with dragons and Olav's own head. The figure is believed to have been made in Lübeck in the beginning of the 16th century. Three other figures depicting the Apostles and the virtues that often represent them are located here, on the right - John with an eagle and Mark with a lion. On the left is Matthew with an angel or human form, what is missing in this photograph is Luke with an ox. The figures on the sides are more roughly carved than the figures in the middle and may have been made by a local artist in the 17th century.


Hadsel kirke