The Ceramic Tower was completed in 2000 and partly continues The Glassworks' use of materials and artistic idiom. The vertical, three-storey tower has given the building its name. Here, too, there is a composite building, consisting of horizontal and vertical units - playing on the form and movement of the landscape.

The architect has described how, behind the site's flexible constructions, there lies the memory of a slipway with driftwood washed in onto the pebbles on the beach over thousands of years. A human desire to create has meant that out of a mass of worn-out timbering a site has grown where residents and visitors can find peace for the body and soul. The need to find shelter against the ever-changing weather in this open and naked landscape is experienced by both residents and visitors. The architect grew up in Lofoten, and his
special interpretation of how the working individual encounters nature has resulted in a close co-operation between the architect and the builders.


Glasshytta og Keramikktårnet på Vikten