The Glassworks and The Ceramic Tower are situated at the furthest point out towards the ocean, below steep mountains in the small village of Vikten on Flakstadøya in Lofoten. The arts and crafts centre Lofoten Design is based in these two special buildings, which have been created by the cultural couple Åse and Åsvar Tangrand as builders, in conjunction with the architect Knut Gjernes.

Åsvar Tangrand has his glass production in The Glassworks
he works particularly with recycled glass materials of various colours, which he sets in milk-white quartz from the Lofoten Mountains. A stone's throw from The Glassworks lies The Ceramic Tower - where Åse Tangrand works with clay, creating articles for daily use such as dishes, bowls and carafes.

Both the building site and the handicraft production are inspired by nature, art and local traditions in Lofoten.

The buildings, with their oblique angles and composite low and elevated spaces, are mostly built of local materials such as wood, turf and stone. Outside, the walls are clad with untreated, coarse panelling with a visible water-line, and local stone rises up from the ground to form part of the walls. An elevated wall with diagonally-positioned glass to the north opens up to let in light and provide an outlook. To the east is the entrance section with its welcoming human dimensions. The diagonal roof areas, which are clad with turf, protect and warm - and cut off the building's vertical aspirations.


Glasshytta og Keramikktårnet på Vikten