The cast iron lighthouse is 24.5m tall and surrounded by two engine sheds
two semidetached houses
a detached lighthouse keeper's cottage
an oil store and a boathouse. Three families lived at the station and the two lighthouse keeper's assistants occupied one semidetached house each. The keeper's cottage had one extra room both upstairs and downstairs. The cast iron lighthouse was made up of prefabricated sections that were bolted together on site. This made for a short and efficient building process, which was essential in a place with tough and rapidly changing weather conditions. The buildings have been renovated and many original features are intact. From 1951 the light station was operated using electricity. A new PRB light system was installed, but the old optics are still kept at the station. There are also remains of German WW2 fortifications on the islet.

Site plan from: Birger Bjørkhaug and Sven Poulsson "Norske fyr", 1986-1987, page 208.


Skrova fyr