The mountain lodge Mollesjohk Fjellstue is situated by the river Jiesjohka, roughly 50km northwest of Karasjok. It is on the old travellers' way between Alta and Karasjok and it is now also connected to the road RV92 by a tractor track. The lodge is on the reindeer migration route and it is an important meeting point on the road free part of the Finnmark Plateau.

Mollesjohk Fjellstue consists of many one-storey, mainly red wooden buildings in relatively flat terrain surrounded by low growing trees. The grey roof slates were quarried in Alta. The farmstead is well kept and its oldest building, most likely from the 19th century, is the combined sheep and hay barn. The other buildings dates back to the post WW2 reconstruction era, but have over the years been extended and altered.

With the changes in infrastructure, that is the building of roads, reindeer husbandry and settlement patterns there are now just two remaining state owned mountain lodges with resident keepers in the vast area covered by Karasjok District Council at Mollesjohk and Ravnastua.


Mollesjohk fjellstue