The county administration building is situated about a kilometre behind the Vadsø town centre. An upper secondary school is its closest neighbour. The complex is situated on a wide plain that lies between two terrain slopes. Located on the slope by the sea is the old town area, while the slope behind the plain lies at the base of the mountain. The complex is comprised of an elongated L-shaped two/three-storied office block. The north-side of the complex faces the mountainside and northerly winds. Umber-coloured bricks were used to adorn the exterior walls. These colour nuances draw parallels to the seasonal variations of nature's colours.

The administration building contains offices for the central administration of the Finnmark County Municipality, a canteen and county council hall. The building is designed as a workplace that accommodates 170 people.

An architecture competition was held in 1983 to design the new county administration building. The winning architects were Geir Fossland and Ingebjørg Lien (DIV.A Arkitekter MNAL).


Fylkeshuset i Vadsø