The two office blocks are long and tall and have saddle roofs. These two structures are connected with a one-storied central building that has a flat roof. This central building contains the main entrance to the entire complex. The two office blocks are long and narrow, varying in height and length - where the shortest block, which is located near the church and towards the east, is three-storied and the western block is four-storied. The office block's internal organisation is reflected on the façade's composition. The two tall, plastered gables that face the town are split, and here a vertical field with windows and wooden parapet runs from the bottom to the top - this shows the central corridor. While the long window bands, on the long sides, reveal the offices and meeting rooms. The concrete fields with small windows - which run from the lowest to the uppermost storey - reveal the vertical routes of communication in the building.


Statens hus