The so-called "låna", "prestelåna" or "prostelåna", as it has also been called, is located between the main building and the church. A "lån" in Helgeland is either a long and narrow dwelling house or residence - it acquired this name when the vicar lived in the house during the 19th century. This building housed the Nordland County's Practical School for Women ("Nordlands Amts praktiske Kvindeskole") during the period 1879-1884. This was the first school in Northern Norway that offered education in the field of home economics.

Låna is a two-storied building, erected from cogging jointed timber and clad with vertical red painted panelling. The roof is slate covered. It is an elongated building and is nearly symmetric, centred on the double entrance door. The plan solution in the old days must have been - entrance and kitchen in the centre, a large living room on each side of the gangway and small rooms out on the ends. It is believed that the house was built around 1800 or perhaps even earlier. This construction period indicates that the house had small paned windows (Rococo windows) and a roof that was covered with sod or brick pantiles. Since then the house has been restored and replaced with windows that that may be similar to the originals, in terms of size and division.

Låna is a listed building.


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