A hexagonal form is the shape which the pavilion is based upon, as well as the fountain and the terraced amphitheatre building that surrounds the town square. Various sized cobble stones are arranged into patterns throughout the square. The same materials are used on the amphitheatre and on the pavilion stairs, something that provides a unified expression. The same type of stone was used in the town square, pedestrian street, along with end of public commons near the sea. The appearance of the town square from the streets located above was also taken into consideration. Therefore the size and colour of the stones was used to create geometric and undulating patterns - which perhaps allude to the mountains that surround the town.

The music pavilion is used for outdoor concerts, speakers and assemblies. It is also put to good use during the Petter-Dass Days, which is a cultural event that is held each summer.


Petter Dass-plassen i Sandnessjøen