In 1989 Alstahaug celebrated the 300th year anniversary of Petter Dass. This was the beginning of an extensive town centre renovation in Sandnessjøen - the town located below the mountain range the Seven Sisters. At this time the town square and park were renovated and the town acquired a sculpture of Petter Dass, a pedestrian street and a new music pavilion, designed by Maurits Sundt-Hansen. Eventually cobble stoned pavements were introduced on the neighbouring streets.

The town square is bordered by a park, centrally at the intersection of the street Havnegata and the environmental street Thorolv Kveldulvsongt. Environmental streets are designed to create a pleasant environment and reduce traffic. Facing towards the south, it forms one of the backdrops of the harbour axis. A steep rock face forms the natural backdrop of the pavilion, which invites visitors with its open form, wide podium, stairs and teetering roof form. There is a lovely interplay created by Skule Waksvik's dynamic bronze sculpture of the vicar/poet which appears welcoming with its outstretched arms. To the northeast of the pavilion there is a small sculpture arrangement, comprised of modified natural stones, placed at the disposal for children at play and adults.


Petter Dass-plassen i Sandnessjøen