Elvesletta Nord is another new housing development that is quite different from the older projects both in the way the plans and volumes are organized as well as in design in general. Again there are flat roofs only broken by pitched or mono-pitched roofs over the stairwells. The one-, two- and three-storey blocks create two large part open courtyards.

The name Elvesletta means the flat land by the river and here rocks, boulders and gravel dominate the land. The houses are dominant architectural elements in the vicinity and repeating silvery and dark grey colours from the surrounding land has softened the impact of this. Bright red, blue, yellow and green are introduced on sections of walls and railings both of private balconies and in the entrance areas, and thereby both continuing and expanding the palette of the original Longyearbyen colour scheme as well as marking Elvesletta Nord's identity.


Bebyggelsen i Longyearbyen - fargesetting