The design of the Cathedral of Northern Lights is based on an irregular three-dimensional spiral rising from below ground upwards towards the heavens. The first round of the spiral is a freestanding wall, which joins the building in the southeast on the lower ground floor that contains a church hall, cafe, meeting rooms and offices. The ground floor starts when the spiral reaches northwest on its second round where windows are set into tall slits reaching from floor to ceiling. At this level are the church plaza, the space for worship and other functions. The bell tower starts rising above the roof towards the end of the spiral's fourth round and from there on the spiral winds vertically around the circular tower. The church walls are built in concrete and have shiny titanium cladding that reflects the light and changing colours of the sky.

The church's design is based on the winning project from a closed architectural competition in 2001, which was won by Link Arkitektur (at that time named Signatur Arkitekter) in collaboration with the Danish company Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen Architects.


Nordlyskatedralen Alta kirke