The catholic cemetery was consecrated in 1859 when there were both a mission and church at Altagård. The land was part of the original farm, but is now on the opposite side of the main road E6 and squeezed in between business premises and housing.

The cemetery is one of the last physical manifestations of the ambitious Praefectura Apostolica Poli Arctici in Alta, and between 1859 and 1902 twenty persons were buried here. The size of the burial ground is 238m2 (14m x 17m) and it is surrounded by metal and local stone fencing. A cluster of trees has established itself and the low mounds are all that is left of the individual graves.

The congregation in Alta culminated in 1888 with 42 members, but from then on it shrank partly due to emigration to America. From 1891 there were no longer a priest in residence at Altagård and Alta became part of the Hammerfest Parish.


Altagård med katolsk kirkegård