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In the innermost part of Gratangsbotn, on a north-facing slope with fertile deciduous trees, lies Eliborg. When Gratangen was separated from the main municipality of Ibestad they needed their own church building, and Eliborg was established in 1926 as a boarding school with a chapel.

The building is a large rectangular wooden building standing on a grey rendered foundation wall. The exterior is clad with vertical panelling that is painted white. It is two and a half storeys high and has a slate-tiled gable roof. On the roof stands a square clock-tower with small round arch niches on the sides, capped with a little spire at the top. On both sides of the roof there are five dormer-windows with triangular-shaped top-pieces. The entire building has small-paned windows with profiled surrounds. By 1975 Eliborg had served its function as a school building, but the chapel, and the main building for that matter, is still in use.