The Vik saw was built in 1807 and was the first in Bardu. The original one was lost in the ice, but it was rebuilt in 1812. Ole Olsen, also called Skogfogden (Wood Bailiff), was probably the builder. The building is a pillarwork construction of rough timber materials and has a ground area of approx. 6 x 11 metres. The roof is covered with birch bark and turf. The saw was the only one in Bardu with a built-in main water-wheel, which stands below the main level. It was usual for the large wheel to stand out in the open, along one of the long walls. The large saw-blade, driven by power obtained from the water-wheel, moves up and down, while the log being sawn is pulled out horizontally. The reconstructed saw was completed in 2004.


Oppgangssag mm i Vikbekken