The farmhouse is built in a typically Swiss style, with a decorated veranda, triangular gable and a steep roof covered with wooden shingle. It is built over one and a half storeys and half-timbered. This is an early example of this construction style in an area where there was a strong tradition of notched log construction. The layout of the house is also unusual, a blend of tradition and impulses that the farm owner Torleif Viken brought back with him to his home farm after a spell in Canada. Viewed from the main entrance, this is a middle-passage house with a relatively narrow passage and a living room on either side. From the passage there are stairs up to the loft level. Behind the passage and the two living rooms the narrow kitchen is situated along the entire length of the house, which was unusual. The house has an added-on summer kitchen on the same level as the “American” veranda along the side.


Viken gård