The Sea View Trail project aims create a 7km long trail from the Russian War Memorial at Trondenes to Stangnesodden by joining existing and adding new stretches. The section southwards from Trondenes ends by the redundant oil depot just below the part of town called Hagebyen, and it was completed in 2012 following several years of major voluntary community effort.

The medieval Trondenes Church is an important geographical and cultural landmark and we many start the walk southwards from here. The path goes along rocky beaches and tree clad grassy land, and where the bare rock slopes too much, wooden bridges have been built. Benches are placed along the path and the "Sun and Wind" pavilion has become another great landmark as well as a good place to rest and enjoy the views towards the town harbour and the fjord Vågsfjorden.


Stien langs sjøen – mot Trondenes