Norsk Medisinaldepot (a wholesaler of pharmaceuticals) first opened its regional centre in Harstad in 1957, and in 1982 they moved into a purposed built regional distribution center of 5,300m2 at Blåbærhaugen. They supply pharmacies and hospitals from Bodø to the Russian border.

The large warehouse with adjacent offices is situated west of Harstad's towncentre on flat land between the hills Blåbærhaugen and Harstadåsen. The depot, which has parking areas for cars and lorries, also has substanial areas of lawns, shrubs and trees. The neighbourhood is predominantly residential with detached and terraced houses.

The large rectangular warehouse and the smaller low office wing to the northeast, both have flat roofs. The warehouse has two sections of different heights which are connected by a steeply sloping roof that has tall windows on the sides. The walls are clad in red horizontal and deeply corrugated coated steel sheeting broken by flat brown vertical areas marking the structural grid. The upper part of the walls gently tilt backwards and have been given a brown cladding. The plinths and sectioning concrete walls are rendered and painted white. The warehouse has some rows of low-sitting windows with a horizontal emphasis.


Norsk Medisinaldepots Nord-Norgesavdeling