The length of the entire church is 36 metres. The nave is 24m x 17m on the outside, and the choir is 13.5m x 11.5m. The walls are over two metres thick. The layout is simple, with a rectangular nave and a narrower, squared-off choir section. In addition there is a vaulted sacristy to one side of the choir. The church had previously been dated to about 1250. More recent dendrochronological investigations of the roof stanchions show that the roof construction dates from the fifteenth century. The dating of the stanchions indicates that the church was constructed in three stages over a long period. First the sacristy may have been walled in semi-barrelled vaulting
then the choir was built
and lastly the nave was finished in around 1450.

The layout plan was made in 2000 by Markus Dahlberg from a survey by Erling Gjone in 1948. The drawing is taken from Liepe, Lena: Medieval stone churches of Northern Norway. Tromsø 2001.


Trondenes kirke