Trondenes Church is situated on the Trondenes peninsula, approx. three kilometres north of the centre of Harstad. The tall whitewashed stone church with its red roof is situated on a little hill facing the sea and is a clearly visible landmark from the sea side. The church is Norway’s northernmost stone church dating from the Middle Ages and stands out as one of the masterpieces in North Norwegian architectural history. The church is also one of the largest stone churches in the country, rising 23 metres to the top of the west gable: only Nidaros Cathedral is of a greater height.

Around the church and churchyard are the thick churchyard walls dating from the Middle Ages, with two stone towers facing out towards the sea to the east. This may signify that the church was built as a defence church at a time when Troms was liable to attack from the east. The highest and strongest section of the wall is situated by the sea and has been between three and five metres high, while the wall to the land side resembles a more usual churchyard wall in grey stone.


Trondenes kirke