The estates Evensen- and Lind-gård burned down in 1992. Today there are two reconstructed estates located here, each with a form of expression typical of the period, but with features from the older buildings. Both were designed by Arkitekt MNAL Nils Toft. The estate Lind-gård is situated on the corner of the streets Rikard Kaarbøs gate and Strandgata. The original building was erected during the beginning of the 20th century and was a wooden two-storied building with a pronounced dormer on the corner. This element was also employed in the new building. The estate Evensen- gård which is located above Lind was erected around 1917 and had apparent Jugendstil features. Most noteworthy was a pronounced bay window with a dormer above. The central part of the façade on the new building is marked in a similar way.


Rikard Kaarbøs plass