The estate Bothnergård is located on the corner of the town square and alongside the street Hans Egedes gate. The foundation wall was originally erected by the transporter Søren Hartvigsen in 1915. Since then it has undergone many significant changes. The most extensive change of the façade occurred around 1940 when the roof was raised and an entire third storey was added. This block of flats was also reconstructed in 1964-66 and in 1987 when it was converted into a shopping centre, which is what it serves as today. When the building was first constructed it had apparent Jugendstil features. Yet during renovation it was moderated, this is how it appears today, as a building with Classical features. This is especially seen in the imitation ashlars on the first storey and the window frames on the second.


Rikard Kaarbøs plass