Rikard Kaarbø's Square lies in the centre of town, situated near the sea. This square has been a traffic junction since the town's beginning. There are five streets that stem from the square: Strandgata, Storgaten, Hans Edges gate and Rikard Kaarbøs gate which leads through the square. It provides a plan form which is unusual in Northern Norway - a type of radial plan - meaning that many streets stem outwards from one point. The surrounding structures are complex and are comprised of buildings which have been built throughout the entire 20th century, and which represent many different styles. A number of different buildings surround the square: the estate Bothnergård facing the town square followed by the bank Harstad Sparebank, the estates Evensen- and Lind-gård which are pictured here, the estates Eriksen- and Saue-gård opposite the estate Lind-gård and Hoel-corner.

On a number of different occasions this area has been devastated by fire. The fire in 1992 was especially destructive, when both the estates Evensen- and Lind-gård were completely destroyed and the estates Eriksen- and Saue-gård were severely damaged. In conjunction with the reconstruction the actual square was also given a face-lift. Architect Nils Toft collaborated with Landskapsarkitektene Tromsø in order to design the actual square. Today it appears like a harmonious milieu and is actively used when festivities such as, the 17th of May, Norway's Constitution Day, are celebrated.


Rikard Kaarbøs plass