The Mack quarters which are situated at the southern end of Tromsø's main street Storgata, consists of mainly industrial buildings which have evolved over a long period of time. From an architectural point of view the most interesting buildings are those on the western side of the street which are centered around the 1890 director's residence with Ølhallen, the beer hall, in the basement. The old residence is flanked by industrial buildings on both sides. To the north is the building that used to contain the fermentation room. To the south a micro brewery can be seen through a glass wall from 2002 that links the old building to further production related premises. A covered pedestrian concrete bridge across Storgata connects the two sides of the quarter.

The brewery was established on this site in 1877 and at that time it was just inside the town's southern boundary. As then, there is still a park next door, Museumsparken, with Tromsø's old museum building which was built in 1894. Both the museum and Storgata 4 were designed by the same architect, Lars Solberg, who was based in Trondheim.


Macks ølbryggeri