The Swiss style is often referred to in Sweden as “snekkerglede” (carpentry-loving), a descriptive expression. The characteristics of this style were stipulated by new techniques that could mass-produce different types of panelling, moulding and carving. These were often employed with lively imagination and the house would tend to acquire a ‘decorated’ air. Other recognizable aspects of the Swiss style were steep, slate-tiled roofs with an overhanging projection, deliberate use of gable motifs and large, covered verandas on the main façade. All these features are to be found on the Skolegata 44 building.

The house was originally built for the agent Arthur Mack. Arne Hestenes, one of the best-known journalists in Norwegian press history, grew up at Skolegata 44. He became a journalist for Dagbladet and often wrote under the name of “Plut”.


Skolegata 42 og 44