Fogd Dreyers gate (street) is an area of close-set housing on Tromsø island’s eastern side just north of the town centre, on the slope down to the Tromsø sound. The street was mostly built between 1910 and 1920, and at that time was populated by working and lower middle classes. Fogd Dreyers gate 16 was built for a coastal pilot in 1919.

The house is on two storeys, in addition to the loft and basement. A square-shaped ground plan, 7 metres by 7 metres, and a roof ridge height of over 10 metres give the building a lofty character. It is clad with timber panelling, with a dado effect on the ground floor, and the semi-hipped roof is decked with overlapping slates. The layout is economical, with four rooms around the chimney (cross-planned), as well as the stair house, which is built onto the back and allows access to all floors.

The building was listed in 1995.


Fogd Dreyers gate 16