The town hall complex also houses a cinema and library. It is located on the street Grønnegata, which also happens to be one of the town's busiest streets. However, the town hall's official façade overlooks the town square. This façade has slender soaring concrete columns that support a thin roof. The town square extends from Torghuken, by the Tromsø Sound, beyond and up the hill towards the old town hall (Rådstua), terminating above the town centre in the west. The cultural centre (1984) and the town hall are situated alongside the south-side of the town square. In general, this area has a strong communal quality.

The library's glass façade and its uniquely shaped roof (a hyperbole paraboloid) make it the most characteristic building in the town centre. It has upheld this reputation since it was built as a cinema in the 1970s. In its conversion into a library, the structure underwent a significant transformation. The dense walls were torn down, along with the entire interior of the building. Only the roof shell structure and the four supporting points remained standing. In order to make room for a well functioning town hall, the old town hall was also eradicated.