The interior of the church was restored with its original colours in 1974. It was painted a white base colour, and then accented with light and dark beige tones. Much of the original furnishings were transferred over from the 19th century church.

The Baroque style altarpiece dates to 1689 and was donated by the merchant Jon Stephanson Kiil. The predella has a depiction of Christ initiating the Lord's Supper. The Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus are depicted in the middle section, while the upper section depicts Christ being entombed. The altarpiece is encircled with columns and carvings. Two figures on the top are holding a cross and an anchor, personifications of faith and hope respectively.

The pulpit dates to 1711 and was donated by Morten Resen. Initially the pulpit was topped with a canopy, but it was destroyed in the process of moving to the street Strandveien. Towards the sanctuary room, the pulpit is divided into four sections. Each panel is marked with a half column. The panels are decorated with the Apostles and the symbols that represent them. Mathew is an angel, Mark a lion, Luke an ox and John an eagle.

A small sculpture is located to the left side of the church, which depicts the Madonna. It is actually dates to the 15th century and was most likely made in the Østersjø region. During this time period, there were many workshops in this region that produced church art.


Elverhøy kirke