Sjøgata no. 29 (street address), or Aunegården was built in the 1870s for the butcher O.L. Aune. The residence was used as a home, slaughterhouse, production area and shop. They were in business for over 120 years - until the shop was shut down in 1995.

The building is two and a half-stories, clad with vertical panelling and terminates with a steep, slate covered saddle roof. Near the roadway lies the corner of the building, which has a bevelled edge, this is where the only entrance is located. In terms of style, the building has features from the Late Empire style, such as the cross-post windows on the third-storey and the heavy cap pieces above the windows. Not to mention the panelling that is thinner and flatter than the Empire style, from the first half of the 19th century. Aunegården was declared a listed building in 1991 and is currently used as a café.


Sjøgata 10-29