The Kjeldseth Residence is located in a row of houses alongside the east-side of the street Skippergata. This street is one of the oldest roadways in Tromsø, located in the northern part of the town centre. This residence is a part of the oldest constructed area in town (the Skanse area), surrounded by an extension of older wooden buildings. Originally the Kjeldseth Residence was a large and exclusive estate. There were various farm buildings in the backyard with different purposes such as a barn and stable, workshop, storehouse, among other similar structures. The main structure has a symmetric plan and a common central corridor solution, with living rooms on each side of the entrance. Since the building is situated in a tight row, it has an overbuilt gateway at one end. This provided the only entrance to the backyard.

The building is an example of the Empire style, associated with Trondheim and Trøndelag. The distinguishing marks are the over/under vertical panelling, providing the walls with a striking relief effect, a straight roof and a large and impressive portal. The façade is symmetric, centred on the portal. The roof is clad with red clay tiles.

In 1942 the building was declared listed.