The Kiosk was originally constructed in the Church Park (Kirkeparken) in 1902. It is believed that it was the first kiosk in Northern Norway. In 1961, it was moved to Staumhella on the island Kvaløya, where it was exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as severe winds. Thus in 2000, it was repaired and moved to Prostneset.

The Kiosk has an octagonal form. The lower portion has wooden frames that are filled-in with vertical panelling. Glass is positioned in-between the stanchions in the upper portion. The Kiosk terminates with a pagoda-like roof. This small structure has drawn on motifs from the Dragon style. The wooden frames located near the bottom of the kiosk are reminiscent of stave construction from stave churches. Vertical wooden mouldings has been used to fill-in each wall seam, terminating with dragon heads near the roof.


Kirkegata 2 og Dalsbøkiosken