Nyholmen/Bodø Light Station is situated on an islet on the northern side of the approach to Bodø's harbour. The white keeper's cottage with a low tower on the southeastern corner stands on one of the high points of the islet. The south-facing gable overlooks the harbour and the centre of town. A smaller house, a bit further down the islet, has its long wall facing the harbour.

The building was completed in 1875. The two and a half storey house has a footprint of approximately 95m2 and five of its rooms have been restored to be pretty close to their original appearance. The external walls are cavity walls with an outer skin of pointed and painted coursed stones and an inner skin made of bricks. Large slates cover the pitched roof.

In 1999 Nyholmen Light Station was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act. The listing includes the keeper's cottage with the corner lighthouse and a small piece of surrounding land.


Nyholmen fyrstasjon