Ol'Hansogården (dialect for Ole Hansen's farm) is the last remaining courtyard in the hamlet Nedre Misvær which once was a cluster of farms each with its own courtyard. There are five old buildings at Ol'Hansogården and with the newer barn by the main road they form a rectangular space. In the directions of the predominant winds the buildings sit close together and thereby create a sheltered courtyard. The five old ones are all grey log buildings, some partly clad with weatherboarding, with small windows and turf and birch bark pitched roofs. The domestic buildings are gathered at the southern end and the farming ones sit along the eastern and western sides. The style of the buildings reflects their old age and most of them date back to the 18th century.

Nedre Misvær is situated on fertile land at the lower end of the valley that ends in the fjord Misværfjorden. The land is in a sheltered position surrounded by hills and mountains and gets plenty of sun. Agriculture was traditionally the main source of income and they grew cereals as well as keeping livestock. Additional income was derived from logging, hunting and salmon fishing in the river. And, the fjord provided valuable resources, hence the row of boathouses and small storehouses by the sea.


Nedre Misvær / Nerigårn