This plan shows the organisation of the complex. The buildings are grouped around three yards: the seaside yard, the garden yard and the outbuilding yard - with the main building serving as a division between the seaside yard and the garden yard. The old garden is sheltered by the buildings, and is approximately rectangular in form. Growing among the winding gravel paths are thermophilic trees, such as maples, ash and other plants introduced from the south. In one bed, centrally located in the garden, vegetables and herbs are cultivated.

1. Main building
2. Wing to the main building
3. General store
4. Station building / New cottage
5. House with an open fireplace (for making food)
6. Small boathouse
7. Pigsty
8. Bakery
9. Storehouse on pillars
10. Stable
11. Cellar
12. Forge
13. Large boathouse
14. Warehouse shed
15. Home warehouse

This plan can be found in the book Fredede hus og anlegg.


Kjerringøy handelssted