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Geofysen (short for the geophysics building) is located at the top of Tromsøya in an area consisting mainly of parkland to the west of Tromsø Cemetery. The immediate neighbour of Geofysen is the Norwegian Institute of Meteorology's Forecasting Division for Northern Norway which was built in 1960. Its activities at Geofysen relocated to the new premises next door that year.

Geofysen is a large, handsome, two storey white wooden building. The ground floor is elevated to give room for basement windows and the building has a steep hipped slate roof with three small dormers on each long side and one dormer on each short side. The roof is crowned by an observation tower with a roof platform. The building is symmetrical about an axis from the north facing main entrance to the southern garden entrance. On the ground and first floor the main windows are tall cross windows. A pediment has been added to adorn the main entrance and each of the end windows of ground floor on the long sides.

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Arkitekt Peter Arnet Amundsen, Tromsø


The Geophysical Institute

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Geofysen, Tromsø
Geofysen, Tromsø
Geofysen, Tromsø