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Måløy-Skarholmen Light Station is situated on a small islet in the vast fjord Vestfjorden, west of the village Leinesfjord, the administrative centre of municipality Steigen. The station was established in 1922 and serves the coastal shipping lane. The 18 m tall red lighthouse with a white band stands on top of an unusual concrete block with chamfered corners and a flat roof. The three storey block contains three separate living units and a machine room. Right next door, away from the sea, is the boathouse with a curved roof going down to the ground and the end walls are also curved and sloping
a construction that stops the wind getting hold of the building. The paths leading to the two landing places are partly built in concrete with concrete steps and iron bar railings. The landing conditions are very difficult.

In 1999 Måløy-Skarholmen Light Station was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act. The listing includes the cast iron lighthouse, the living quarters, the machine room, the boathouse and an area surrounding the light station.

Year of construction



The Norwegian Coastal Administration

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

Cast iron


concrete boathouse


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Måløy-Skarholmen fyrstasjon
Måløy-Skarholmen fyrstasjon
Måløy-Skarholmen fyrstasjon