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Store Flatøya
Flatøy Light Station is located on an island in Vestfjorden, west of Engeløya in Steigen. It was established in 1882 to guide traffic along the inner coastal shipping route to and fro Lofoten. The buildings lie close together around a courtyard. The main building is a one and a half storey concrete house embracing three sides of the lower parts of the octagonal lighthouse. This is a white slim concrete construction with a red lantern room on top. This is unlike any other Norwegian lighthouse. The two other buildings are the machine shed and an outbuilding originally used for livestock with a hay loft. A path leads down to the landing place and the ruins of a boathouse. Landing at Flatøy is reasonably easy. The light station was closed down in 1966 and the lantern removed, when a new fully automated lighthouse was completed elsewhere on the island.

In 1999 Flatøy Light Station was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act. The listing covers the lighthouse, the keeper's cottage, the machine shed, the outbuilding and some surrounding land. The island is designated for agricultural purposes, outdoor pursuits and nature preservation by the Steigen district council.

Year of construction



The Norwegian Coastal Administration

Building Type

Light station, lighthouse, keepers cottage, residence, outbuilding

Construction System / Materials





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Flatøy fyrstasjon
Flatøy fyrstasjon
Flatøy fyrstasjon