9790 Kjøllefjord
The fishing station at Kjøllefjord is situated in the municipality of Lebesby, on the northwest side of the Nordkynn Peninsula in Øst-Finnmark (Eastern Finnmark). The landscape consists of bare mountains and cuts away towards an open, weather-beaten coastline - a protective archipelago is entirely absent. All the way up one of the fjords that cleaves the landscape lies the village of Kjøllefjord, the present-day municipal administrative centre. Only four houses remained standing in the municipality when the rebuilding following the German devastation started in 1945. All the fishing stations that had been sited along the bay before the catastrophe were destroyed - including the old Foldalbruket (Foldal Station).

In the course of the first decade following the Second World War, a series of stations were rebuilt along the bay. Foldal was established on its old site on the outermost northern side of the bay, where the landscape rises steeply out of the sea. The new station was built during the period 1946-1952 on the stone of the old steamboat quay. The fishing station comprises five buildings - the wharf/warehouse with a cleaning shed in front near the sea, individual shacks/fishermen's shacks, cod liver oil processing plant, manager's office and accommodation and office for steamboat traffic. In front of the buildings there are large wooden quays, and on the slope behind there used to be several seihesjer (drying racks for coley). The site was preserved in 1994 under the Cultural Heritage Act, as part of the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage "Vern av faste kulturminner langs kysten" (Preservation of permanent cultural remains along the coastline) project. The boat slipway at Honningsvåg, Foldalbruket in Kjøllefjord and the summer fishing station on Holmengrå were preserved under this project.

Today, the fishing station is owned and run by Stiftelsen Foldal (Foldal Foundation), a co-operative venture on the part of Kjøllefjord kystlag (coastal group), the municipality of Lebesby and Kjøllefjord handelsstandforening (business association). The restoration of these buildings has been undertaken on an ongoing basis since the preservation order. Within a short space of time, the foundation has built up a cultural centre offering a series of services and activities.

Year of construction



Nils Foldal

Building Type

Fishing station
cultural centre

Construction System / Materials

slate tiles