Brodkorbsgate 1, 9950 Vardø
Norges Bank is next door to Vardø Town Hall, occupying a strategic and central position on Valen between Vester- and Østervågen in the centre of Vardø. The building was completed in 1961, after the pre-war building that had stood on that site – a wooden building dating from 1883 – was destroyed during the Second World War. Banking business was carried out in different rented locations until the new building was ready.

The bank building consists of two building spaces, where the main space is the bank itself, whilst a smaller side wing contains apartments. The building is made of reinforced concrete. The main wing consists of three storeys, while the side wing has two, both with hipped roofs and minor roof projections. The façades originally had an exterior cladding of stone slabs. These were replaced in about 1989 by the present-day cladding of red bricks. The building is otherwise characterized by an expensive use of materials, where the lower floor is clad with light-coloured stone slabs, the exterior steps are of light-coloured granite, the bank’s entrance area is of white marble and the roof is decked with slates. The main façade is asymmetrical in appearance
the first and second floors stand out as the main storeys in the building.

Year of construction



Kristoffer Lange og Klingenberg &


Norges Bank

Building Type

Pub lic building, bank

Construction System / Materials

Reinforced concrete, slate



Norges Bank
Norges Bank
Norges Bank