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Kirkegata 4, 9950 Vardø
Vardø Town Hall, with its monumental shape and strategic positioning, is the first thing you see on arrival in the town. Carefully positioned on Valen, between Vester- and Østervågen, you come across it just past the first undersea tunnel to be constructed in Northern Europe. The town of Vardø escaped complete destruction during the Second World War, so there are good examples of both pre-war architecture, such as Brodtkorpbryggene (the Brodtkorp wharves, glimpsed on the left in this photograph) and reconstruction architecture dating from the 1950s.

The Town Hall in Vardø was built during the 1950s and is simple and plain in design. The high pyramid-shaped roof, tiled with black slates, the collection of strategic window openings in the building walls, as well as entrances with simple collared coverings, all lend character to the building.

In Vardø it is said that the Town Hall is an enlarged version of the well-house at the Vardøhus Fort.

Year of construction



The architectural firm Berner &


Vardø municipality

Building Type

Public building, town hall

Construction System / Materials

Finished concrete


town house
pyramid roof
plastered concrete


Dancke, Trond M.E.: Opp av ruinene, Oslo 1986


Vardø rådhus
Vardø rådhus
Vardø rådhus