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Burekka, sitting on the old quay structure in Kalbuvika in Stamsund, is among the larger groups of fishermen's cabins ("rorbuer") in Lofoten. The red painted walls with windows and door surrounds in green and corrugated steel roofs create a continuous wall along the harbour, only broken by steep stone steps leading down to the water. The cabins were built to house visiting fishermen during the Lofoten fishing season. The building complex, which counts 19 cabins and 120 beds, is now used by the tourists industry. Since the "rorbuer" were built around 1930 they have been subject to several rounds of renovation. The roofs were lifted and dormers added in the 1940s. Later in 1989 the entrance rooms ("budøra") where the fishing tackle was traditionally kept, were upgraded with wet rooms and WCs. The 3-seater pit toilets, though no longer in use, remain. The "rorbuer" were used by fishermen into the mid 1970s.

Year of construction



J. M. Johansen

Building Type

Fishermens cabins

Construction System / Materials



Burekka i Stamsund
Burekka i Stamsund
Burekka i Stamsund