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The small, simple white Sildpollnes Chapel is situated at the far end of the headland Sildpollneset in the fjord Austnesfjorden. This place of worship was first built as a religious meetinghouse in 1891. It since gradually transformed to a chapel and in 1960 it was formally dedicated for church services. The building has been extended and changed in 1924, 1928, 1960 and 1974.

Sildpollnes Chapel originally had a simple gabled rectangular shape and now also has a sacristy to the east and a tower and vestibule to the west. The external walls have white vertical painted wooden cladding. The roof above the chapel and the sacristy have galvanised and corrugated steel cladding which have been painted red. The roof of the vestibule is red roofing felt and the tower has black felt. The windows in the original part of the building belong to the gothic revival style whilst the windows of the vestibule, the tower and sacristy are modern single pane windows.

Year of construction


Building Type

religious meetinghouse

Construction System / Materials

Log construction
timber frame


Eidnes, Asbjørn: Jardar Lunde – ein nordnorsk kunstnarprofil, Harstad 2005.


Sildpollnes kirke
Sildpollnes kirke
Sildpollnes kirke
Sildpollnes kirke