Sørreisa's main church is situated on the crest of a wooded knoll by Tømmervik, ca. six kilometres north of Sørreisa's village centre. From the church one has a westward view overlooking the sound between the mainland and the island Senja.

The church has a square-shaped plan form. All the rooms are located under a steep pitched tent roof. The main construction was executed in steel, while the roof and the walls were constructed of wood. Toward the south and east, the building appears closed in form, and the walls are clad with white-painted wooden panelling. However, on the north and west side, the façade is more open, by means of oblong and large vertical windows and a row of horizontal windows. The roof is clad with metal sheeting and terminates with a small belfry/ridge turret with a skylight and narrow window strips.

A fire in 1987 destroyed the old church, built in 1844. The new church was completed in 1992. The new church is situated on the same site as the previous church.


Sørreisa hovedkirke